Overlord Rising

“Do, O god, no evil deed! Eye of Boccob foe, ye deed live on! Do good!”

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Rawr! I’m the Overlord!

Campaign Narratives – Act I

Session 1; the party awakens, dazed, in a pit.
Deathreaver’s Introduction

Session 2; introducing their nemesis Kragen.
The Ballad of Marcom Douchebag

Session 3; the party disrupts the Overlord’s caravans.
The Misunderstanding

Session 4; they borrow a boat and sail upstream.
Poppy’s Friend’s Journal

Session 5; the great battle at Gemgate.
Gemgate Survivor’s Tale
Seekers of the Mace Anonymous

Session 6; the party enters Randalph’s tower.
Ballad of Oguk Half-Orc

Session 7; they explore the tower and reap the rewards.
A Wizard From Porlock

Session 8; the recovery of the Mace at Hero’s Rest.
The Poser’s Missive
The Ghost of Sir Adrian

Session 9; they slay Kragen’s lieutenant and enter Capital City.
Alor, Vaarg of the Plainsweeper Clan
Corporal Isht’s Report

Session 10; in the Maze: their fiercest battle.
St. Cuthbert Called Out
You Must Reforge the Mace

Session 11; the party captures a slave ship and rescues spellcasters.
Caelkoth’s Log

Session 12; in search of the Eye of Boccob.
The Drowned Captain’s Tale

Session 13; exploring the shipwreck.
Merry Festibert!

Session 14; retrieving the Eye.
- Trevor’s Tale

Session 15; the party gets a little slaughtered.
- Sorceron’s Great Day

Act II

- Act II: Into Osiron

Session 16; Deathreaver and Sorceron make new friends.
- A New Party Forms

Session 17; The undead are successfully defeated.
- Another Misunderstanding

Session 18; The party liberates Rock Shade from a horde of demons.
- A Bedtime Story
- Frederick’s Letter to the Bishop

Overlord Rising

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