Overlord Rising

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in the far-off land of Antaria, six friends were wandering through the desert. A desert is like a huge beach, but without the ocean or the strange old men. They were very good at wandering and never got lost, even though none of them knew about deserts or survival or surviving in deserts. They were clever that way.

The leader of the friends was a monster named Roark. He had sharp teeth and liked to say funny things. There was also a pointy-eared man named Deathreaver and someone named Perry who was either a boy or a girl but nobody knew which. All of the other friends were quite small. There was a little pharmacist named Zook and a magical wizard named Sorceron. Finally, there was a tiny little faerie named Guruthos who rode around on a puppy.

One night, the friends were so tired from wandering in the desert that they decided to take a nap. They picked a nice warm patch of sand that was moving all by itself. Before long they were fast asleep, except for Sorceron who watching for danger. Sorceron promised to keep all his friends safe, which was easy because they weren’t really his friends.

Sorceron saw that the desert was moving in the distance. It didn’t look very dangerous. He saw it get closer and closer, and then he killed Guruthos’s puppy with a big fireball.

Then all of the friends woke up. Guruthos was sad about his dog, but everybody else thought it was pretty funny. While they were all laughing, lots of little of ants came out of the desert and climbed all over them.

Deathreaver and Percy flew away so that the ants wouldn’t eat them. Then some lizards came out of the desert and tried to eat Roark and Sorceron. The ants killed Guruthos and ate him but nobody laughed because the lizards were right there.

Then one of the lizards ate Sorceron. Deathreaver was sad because Sorceron had all of the party treasure, so he flew into the lizard’s mouth. Sorceron was still alive in its tummy, because that’s how nature works! Deathreaver and Sorceron killed the lizard, and Roark killed the other lizard, and all the ants went away.

Eventually Perry flew back, and all of the friends had a nice breakfast of lizard and friend ants and toasty dog. Roark even accidentally ate some Guruthos, and everybody laughed!

The next day, they walked through the desert some more and met a crazy man running through the desert. He ran right up to them, because the desert is really quite narrow. He told them he was from a big city full of fierce warriors who were being eaten by some demons. So the friends went to the city but all they found were some tiny little demons! They killed all of the demons really quick, and all the fierce warriors said that they were heroes! But then Deathreaver said that he was their new chief, and they had to work in the mithral mines for years and years until they all died.



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