Overlord Rising

Fredrick's letter to the bishop

Bishop Worem,

I have arrived in Antaria as requested. The journey across the sea went without event and I don’t feel that I made any converts on the ship. Following the directions as presented I hired a guide in the outpost and set out for the Alswani town of Rock Shade.

As told a priest of Nerull was already here, turns out his name is Radis, and he traveled with multiple companions. As I tried to convince the chieftain that he should force the Nerull priests out, Radis arrived and told the chief that he needed to swear allegiance to Nerull or suffer the consequences. The chief refused and at that point a horrific bone beast stepped out of the shadows, instantly slicing the chiefs’ two guards into halves. I attempted to force Radis to stop with the power of a geas, but that proved not to work. He laughed and vanished from the room. The bone creature continued on to torturing the chieftain. I attempted to run up and strike it from behind, but my scimitar bounced off its hide. It just slapped me with its hand sending me sprawling. As the chief screamed I blanked out.

As I awoke I could hear multiple screams occurring. The room I was in had blood everywhere with some cowering tribesmen. I got up and headed out of the throne room. Bodies littered the passageways of the underground town. As I got near the entrance of the town I saw a huge spider like creature head down to where my mount and the guide’s mounts were stored. I could hear livestock screaming as well as tribesmen; at this point I decided I had to get out into the daylight where Sarenrae light could help me with the upcoming battle. As I exited outside a voice told me to run.

I headed out across the desert where shortly I came upon a mixed group of adventurers headed my way. They seemed to be extremely wary of me and even as I talked to them I thought they were going to attack me. I tried to explain the horrors that were occurring in the town, but as luck would have it they were headed that way. The band was made up of five members – a elf named Deathreaver who practiced the bardic arts , a Halfling named Sorceron (strange that he practiced the magical arts), a elf called Perry (who I have been told is a dabbler in magic), the leader was introduced as Roark a warrior of human and orcish descent, he was pulling a rope that was attached to a floating leather bag, out of the bag a small gnome stuck his head out and mumbled something about being bigtoe or smalltoe or something and ducked back into the bag. Later I was to find out he made alchemy potions.

We reentered the town and I lead them to the living quarters. We encountered some undead and bats and with this brave band of adventurers we were able to make quick work of them. We headed over to the town priests section and encountered the bone creature I had seen before. With this group of adventurers quick work was made of them, along with the priest of the town. Following the destruction we headed down to where the livestock was kept where we fought the horrendous spider creatures. These proved to be tougher as they shredded Roark’s armor but this brave group still overcame them.

I will continue traveling with this band while I wait word on what my next instructions are.

Your servant
Priest Fredrick



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