Overlord Rising

Session 10 - St. Cuthbert Called Out

* C-bert has entered the room *
Asmodeus: Cuthbert
C-bert: yo dawg
C-bert: missed u last night party ROCKED!!!
C-bert: tons of succubi
C-bert: got w
C-bert: a
C-bert: s
C-bert: t
C-bert: e
C-bert: d
Asmodeus: We need to talk…
C-bert: lol
Asmodeus: No, really. Some of the gods & devil lords are getting a little concerned with your recent actions
C-bert: wtf man
C-bert: like ur 1 to talk
C-bert: ass-modeus
C-bert: don’t make me vengeance u
Asmodeus: You now I’ve always supported you… it’s just that you’re really pissing off the others
C-bert: whatever
C-bert: who cares
C-bert: …
C-bert: u there?
C-bert: what r they saying
Asmodeus: They’re all upset about your little group in Realmaria
C-bert: ??? never heard of it
Asmodeus: Your priest avatar, the mace, the endless swath of murder and destruction?
C-bert: OH YEAH LOL!!!!!!!!
Asmodeus: Gruumsh already hates you after that gang-up on the orc, the good gods never really cared for you, and now the lawfuls are beginning to question your commitment to the cause
C-bert: huh
Asmodeus: Have you even been paying attention to what your avatar is doing?
C-bert: been busy, can u fill me in
Asmodeus: The Overlord has established law in the land; your guys are leading an unlawful rebellion
C-bert: well, vengeance and all that
Asmodeus: Let’s just look at yesterday. Your guys snuck into the city, deceived the law, started a fight in a bar, killed a couple of guys, captured the barkeep, threatened to kill him or cut off his tongue, then forced him to join them
C-bert: neutral, neutral, neutral, lawful, lawful, lawful, lawful
Asmodeus: It all seems sort of chaotic neutral to me. How many lawful people are even in the party? Just one?
C-bert: duh monks have to be lawful too
C-bert: and the bard is neutral
Asmodeus: We both know the only reason he’s not chaotic is because he doesn’t want negative levels from the mace.
C-bert: whatever, it still counts
* Gruumsh has entered the room *
Gruumsh: rats
* Gruumsh has left the room *
C-bert: ha ha loser
Asmodeus: You have them running around the realm without any order. Magma? What in my nine hells do they need magma for?
C-bert: lol i told him he needs magma to fix the mace
C-bert: that will keep them busy for a while
C-bert: !!!
C-bert: mag…
C-bert: …ma
Asmodeus: You mean, that will help them spread chaos and discord. Yesterday they went to the sunken city and told the Hidden Mistress that they were looking for lava. You know, like what the good gods rained down on the poor city to destroy it. Then they goaded her into a fight. Not very nice.
C-bert: ha
C-bert: what happened then?
Asmodeus: She sent in those grass-skirted guys with spiked chains, who nearly wiped out the party. The monk and barkeep went down more often than Sune on Midsummer’s eve.
C-bert: lol
Asmodeus: Sorry, that was inappropriate. Anyways, your sorceror hung back and hit them with like a dozen fireballs, and your avatar kept healing your guys. The monk and barkeep tried to hold the front line, and the bard snuck off to try to silence the Mistress’s wizard. They may even have won, but then the Mistress sent in that big ape.
C-bert: so they r dead? that sucks
C-bert: my next avatars gonna be a barbarian, they get rage and damage reduction
Asmodeus: No, they retreated and left the barkeep there to die.
C-bert: lol
Asmodeus: He barely knew them, but he sacrificed his life to help them escape.
C-bert: lol
Asmodeus: You’re sick.
* Tymora has entered the room *
Tymora: Thought I’d find you here Cuthbert
Tymora: If you keep infringing on my domain, I swear to Ao I will destroy you

C-bert: BTW WHA
C-bert: btw what did i do this time
Tymora: Your little avatar’s party in Realmaria continues to be the greatest force of chaos in the land. Why, just last night they explored the Capital City sewers randomly. They *know* about the right-hand rule. They *know* about the left-hand rule. But instead, they chose to explore the entire sewers making random choices at each turn. The worst part is, they mapped the whole thing as they went… so every time they went in a random direction, they knew whether or not they had already been there. I had breakfast with the other chaotic gods and they were all laughing at me. While my avatar was writing funny graffiti on the palace walls in Abalon, your avatar was creating one of the best pieces of random performance art anyone has seen in a long time.
C-bert: lol
Tymora: Just stick to the lawful side of things. The next time you mess with the luck domain, I’m going to take it personal.
C-bert: whatever
C-bert: were not even in the same pantheon
C-bert: ass-mora
Tymora: That doesn’t even make sense. I’m outta here.
* Tymora has left the room *
C-bert: ha ha loser
C-bert: oh i should have said ty-moron
C-bert: ill save that for next time
Asmodeus: You’re slipping, man. You’ve got to get it together. Why don’t you just stop messing with the realm for a while, let things settle down, and maybe you’ll feel better in a couple of weeks.
C-bert: why don’t u mind ur own business
Asmodeus: I’m just trying to help, Cuthbert. Please think about what I’ve said.
C-bert: whatever
* Asmodeus has left the room *
C-bert: loser
* C-bert has left the room *



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