Overlord Rising

Session 4

Dear Diary,
We ran into trouble with “the law” again today. This time, the men looked like a different kind of soldier. Ma told us to hide in the normal place… the smuggler’s hold. She says that what Pelor doesn’t know, what hurt him! I don’t know what happened after that. I heard talking and shouting, but Ma and Pa haven’t come to let us out yet. The three of us are stuck in here with our loot and some food. I sure hope Ma and Pa come back soon!

Dear Diary,
We spent all day cooped up in this little room. The poop is already piling up, yuck! Gabe and Billy are so annoying.

Dear Diary,
I don’t know how long it’s been… many days at least! I am so scared. I think Ma and Pa aren’t coming back. I keep telling the boys that everything will be OK, but I don’t really believe it! Ma says that “when you’re in a jam, you should pretend you’re a good person and pray to Pelor.” I’ve been doing that, but so far nobody has come to rescue us. It’s really quite horrible in here.

Dear Diary,
We’re free!!! Earlier today we heard a loud flapping noise and something made us so scared that we all screamed and shouted. We heard noises on the boat, and a man started talking to us through the secret wall. He said that Ma and Pa had sent him, so we told him how to open up the hold. Then he said that Ma had been taken by necromancers and Pa was dead. Oh well.

This guy is an elf. He says his name is Deathreaver, and he’s some sort of bard. He’s been leading an army against somebody called the Overlord, who sounds dreadfully lawful. He travels around with a big orc that looks at us funny, and a funny dwarf who says he’s a priest… but for some reason, he says he doesn’t really smuggle things or break the law. Some priest he is. There’s also two pervs in robes, and some nearly lifeless people without any sparks of souls in their eyes. The others call them “NPC’s”.

But they actually have a boy with them! His name is Poppy, and he’s around my age. He says he wants me to be his girlfriend, and he’s spent all day with me so far. He sure is sweet!

They left a note for Ma, in case she comes looking for us, and they are taking us up river toward Uncle’s house. We only need to pay them one pearl a day, which sounds fair.

Dear Diary,
Deathreaver and his merry band have been rowing night and day. We helped them with the sails, and we are making great time. We made it past the lake and were headed toward the city when we saw a group of the Overlord’s men on the road next to the river. We tried to sail right past them, but they attacked us with fireball spells and monsters. Luckily they didn’t think to attack the giant sail on the top of the boat, so we got past them. We’re eating horse tonight!

Poppy is so great! He keeps saying that when we grow up we’re going to get married, then he giggles. He kissed me this afternoon when nobody was looking. I don’t know why the other people are trying to keep us apart.

Dear Diary,
We’ve run the boat aground, up a stream a few miles from the city. Deathreaver says that we’re going to sneak up through the wilderness and try to get into the city. It will be nice to be reunited with our family again, but I’m afraid that I won’t see Poppy any more. Maybe they’ll let him stay with us? He’s just a little boy and traveling with these men is so dangerous!

Poppy is here now… he says that he wants to spend some time together while the others are getting ready for the hike! I’ll write again soon!



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