Overlord Rising

Sorceron's Great Day

Dear Diary,
Today was the best day ever! We got lots of loot, and most of the party is dead… especially Frank! All in all, it was a great day.

It all started when we saw a ship following us. Deathreaver said something about dark elves, and then they flashed a lantern at the other boat. It wasn’t very exciting so I didn’t pay attention, but then I overheard that we were going to drop a barrel of limes behind us, because the drow didn’t want to catch scurvy. I volunteered to check the limes to make sure they were fresh enough, and when nobody was looking I dumped a bunch of Poppy’s poison in the barrel, because it was the right thing to do.

The other ship eventually scooped up the barrel and drifted away.

After dark, we anchored the ship because the night was moonless and pitch black. I was sitting alone on deck thinking about ways to burn things, when I saw a light approaching over the ocean. Soon I saw it was a couple of flying drow. They said something about wanting to parlay and wondering why we sent them poisoned limes and scurvy is a serious thing and other crap like that. I hit them with a fireball and went downstairs to find something to eat.

Then everyone started freaking out because they thought we were being attacked, especially since my fireball had hit the sails and rigging and other stupid things used for sailing. Fishtoe jumped into the water and came back a little while later, saying that there was a boat nearby. Deathreaver then came up with some sort of plan and they gave me a flying potion, which was great. Frank gave everyone else his water walking spell, and we all ran/flew outside in order to take vengeance on that other boat for attacking us.

As soon as we got outside, someone cast a fireball at us. This pissed me off, because we were being peaceful at that moment. Some people are just nasty, I guess. So I flew up into the air to get away from the other fireball targets.

Deathreaver started flying toward the boat using his dragon wings, and the others all dropped into the water. I heard someone casting Dispel Magic, and then everyone who was water walking splashed into the ocean. Then I heard someone else casting Summon Elemental, and I knew the fun was about to begin. Deathreaver was still shouting something about storming the other boat as he disappeared into the darkness.

A water elemental started killing Frank and Poppy. Eland started to fly somehow and started looking for the drow, who were invisible now. I started casting fireballs at random spots, in case an invisible drow or Frank happened to be there.

Off in the distance, I saw massive explosions of fire and lightning illuminating the silhouette of another ship, so it seemed Deathreaver was doing all right, not that I cared.

The water elemental killed Poppy, who started to sink. The two drow appeared after their invisibility ran out, so Eland and I killed a wizardly one. The other one was a cleric, and he flew down to attack Frank and Eland. I killed the water elemental with a fireball, but the cleric was immune. Then, a third drow appeared on the deck of the ship and killed Frank and Eland with a lightning bolt, so I flew off to see how Deathreaver was doing.

As it turns out, Deathreaver was doing great. He had beaten that third drow near death a few times while killing a bunch of his minions, but fortunately hadn’t killed the drow before it teleported over to kill Frank. I helped Deathreaver mop up with a few fireballs, and in the end we killed a few dozen warriors and a lot of skeletons. He asked me how the rest of the party was doing, and I told him they were fine and were looting the drow, because that was the right thing to tell him.

Then we spent quite a while searching the drow ship, and we found a lot of treasure while having a great time. Eventually, we returned back to our own boat. The drow were long gone, and had left the bodies of Frank and Eland on deck with their throats cut. Poppy was nowhere to be found, but Deahtreaver searched the floor of the ocean until he found him (Poppy was unconscious but still alive, thanks to a water breathing spell and the complete lack of predatory fish in recent years). He also remembered that he had left an unconscious Fishtoe drifting away in his bouyant armor, so he went searching for the druid as well and finally brought him back to the boat.

With a song in our hearts (well, in my heart at least) and lots of new loot to sell, we’ll be piloting both boats to Forestdale tomorrow. Deathreaver and Poppy are sleeping on the drow boat right now, and I’m guarding our own ship with Fishtoe. I’m going to slit his throat and get to bed now; I’m pretty sure Deathreaver won’t remember the exact body count come tomorrow.

I’ll write again soon, love, Sorceron



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